The MCST to join FILMART in Hong Kong, rekindling the export of K-dramas and variety shows to the Greater China region

Date Mar 16, 2023

The MCST to open the Korea Pavilion for the first face-to-face FILMART in 4 years from March 13 to 16, exhibiting and discussing export deals for 80 projects from 23 Korean companies

A showcase for the Korean TV show Look at Me on March 15 to feature actors LEE Min-ki and HAN Ji-hyun

The 2022 overseas expansion support program achieved a record export volume of USD 139.30 million


The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (Minister PARK Bo Gyoon, MCST) and the Korea Creative Content Agency (President Jo Hyun-rae, KOCCA) joined FILMART[1] in Hong Kong from March 13 (Mon) to 16 (Thur). On this year’s FILMART, which was held face-to-face for the first time in four years, the ministry opened the Korea Pavilion to rekindle the export of Korean TV dramas and variety shows to the Greater China region.


The MCST actively promotes the overseas expansion of Korean TV shows and other K-contents by helping Korean companies participate in the international content market, thereby spreading the appeal of K-content globally (National Policy Task #58). In 2022, the ministry achieved a record export contract volume of KRW 139.30 million (around USD 181.0 billion) through the overseas expansion support program. This year, the ministry will build on the success of achieving an even higher export contract volume by rekindling the export of K-content to the Greater China region, starting with FILMART.


 The Korea Pavilion to feature 80 projects from 23 companies, signaling the beginning of greater export to the Greater China Region


The Korea Pavilion featured 80 projects from 23 Korean companies, which include national broadcasting platforms, such as SBS Contents Hub (TV show Taxi Driver 2), CJ ENM (variety show Boys Planet), Wavve, KBS Media, and MBC SLL. The list also includes TV content creators and distributors, such as AStory, which produced the latest mega-hit drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo, KT Studio Genie, WHYNOT Media, Wemand, Yong & Contents, and Lian Contents. The participating companies showcase their projects and discuss content export.


In particular, after Korean TV shows began airing again in China last year, expectations regarding the export of Korean TV content have been rising, increasing the Korean businesses paying attention to this year’s FILMART and potential buyers from the Greater China region. In addition to opening the Korea Pavilion for the event, the MCST provided systematic support for business matching and exchange events for Korean content companies to efficiently negotiate export deals with potential buyers, including those from the Greater China region.


The MCST hosted the first-look showcase on March 15 for K-drama to be aired this year as part of its efforts to diversify export channels, including presales


The MCST hosted a showcase on FILMART for a TV show to be produced and aired this year as part of its efforts to diversify export channels to include presales and intellectual property projects. On March 15, the showcase unveiled the upcoming thriller drama Look at Me at the Galaxy Theatre located at the event site. The drama’s lead actors, LEE Min-ki and HAN Ji-hyun, joined the showcase, along with CEO KIM Na-young from the production company WESTWORLD Story. The event focuses on the show’s characters, points of interest, and production/distribution plans, followed by exchanges with the media and local buyers.


An MCST official commented, “‛K-content’ recorded an annual sale of USD 12.45 billion in 2021. It has become one of the main growth engines for the Korean economy, with the President calling it the ‘relief pitcher for Korea’s export front’ during the 4th Export Strategy Meeting last February 23.” He added, “Starting with Hong Kong, the MCST will continue to promote the global popularity of ‘K-content’ by helping companies access emerging markets and expanding offline business events and export opportunities, such as ‘K-content’ screening and distributor meetings, in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and other key regions.”


[1] One of the largest TV and film market events in the Asia-Pacific Region. The 2022 event, held online, was attended by around 8,000 people and 749 companies across 81 countries