Six Major Tasks in the 2023 Business Plan of the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism

“Culturally attractive country, national growth driven by K-culture,
and the happiness of people”

K -contents, a game changer that transforms the exports structure of Korea
  • Life-cycle support for content startups and venture companies
  • Support policy financing up to KRW 790 billion
  • Cultivation of 10,000 content talents
  • Advancement of content firms to 15 overseas locations
  • Support for exports of related industries through a K-brand promotion hall and a K-expo
2023, the first year of tourism promotion
  • 2023 Korea Visit Year declaration
  • 100 K-culture events, roadshows in 15 cities worldwide to promote K-tourism
  • Fostering of a history, culture, and tourism cluster in Cheongwadae
Arts, driver of K-culture for the next generation
  • Support for young artists and strengthening the capability of college students majoring in arts (KRW 5.8 billion)
  • Support for overseas exploration of K-culture by sector through the operation of a Korean literature distribution platform (KLWAVE)
  • Construction of “Art Korea Lab” (to be completed in June 2023)
Balanced regional development driven by culture
  • Designation of culture cities of Korea (7 cities)
  • Tailored support for culturally disadvantaged regions
  • K-tourism rest belts (tentatively KRW 3 trillion, 2023–2033) and islands to promote regional tourism
Culture enjoyed by all through “socially disadvantaged-friendly programs”
  • Purchase of artworks of disabled artists (March) and opening of standardized performance halls for disabled artists (June)
  • Creating barrier-free infrastructure for visitors at museums and art galleries
  • Holding the first esports event for disabled persons
  • Star exploration for “story grandma” (silver storytelling artists)
Advancing again K –sports
  • Introduction of “incentive for people doing physical exercise” project (up to KRW 50,000, 10,000 persons)
  • Support for the creation of sports teams at schools (20 schools)
  • Relief of class attendance requirement for student sports players
  • Promotion of leading brands of K-sports such as ssireum